On Sunday January 13, 2019 we invite our Annunciation Family along with all our organizations and societies to please join us for the annual Philoptochos Sunday/Vasilopita Brunch to benefit St. Basil’s Academy.

A special tray will be passed in church plus envelopes will be available on the tables during the luncheon for your convenience. We kindly ask that checks be made out to “Philoptochos Society”.

Each organization/society is asked that a representative from their group be present to receive their piece of the Vasilopita. Also, in years past each organization/society has made a donation to this worthy cause, please consider keeping this tradition with your donation.

Each table at the luncheon will have it’s own “Vasilopita Cake”, therefore, we wish everyone good luck for the coming year of 2019 and throughout the season. Lets enjoy each others fellowship and “good luck” to who ever gets the lucky coin.


Please join us this coming Sunday November 4th, 2018 for Philoptochos Sunday.

From message by Demetrios Archbishop of America, Oct. 28, 2008

“On November 1st of each year, our Holy Orthodox Church commemorates the holy Feast of Saints Cosmas and Damian, two extraordinary brothers who were renowned physicians and martyrs of the early Church. Born in Asia Minor, these beloved saints of our Church earned a distinctive reputation for offering their services of healing to those in need…… “

“In tribute to the legacy of philanthropy that these great Saints of Asia Minor have bequeathed to us, our National Ladies Philoptochos Society leads us annually on this day in raising funds to support the hospitals, nursing homes, and philanthropic agencies of our Ecumenical Patriarchate, and in turn the venerable Greek Orthodox community of Constantinople. Therefore, we asked to pass a special tray to support the National Ladies Philoptochos Ecumenical Patriarchate Fund……”

There will be an Artoclasia for the health of all the members of Philoptochos and our Annunciation Family. Coffee hour is sponsored by the Ladies of Philoptochos. A tray will be passed in church.