With the construction of our Church building in 1957 and its consecration by His Eminence Archbishop Iakovos on September 8, 1968, The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church reached another milestone in its remarkable history

The Labor of Love was borne by many members who served on sundry committees to help expedite the occasion in a manner, which became "the" example for other Greek Orthodox Communities to follow and emulate.

We must take the torch of Faith and Tradition handed to us by our forebearers and perpetuate it. We must equal their sacrifice and share their toil and labor. We must hold fast to our rich Orthodox heritage and pass it on from one generation to anothoer to eternity.
— Rev. Fr. George Nicozisin


Through this website, we are pleased to be able to introduce you to that same worship and fellowship as it is expressed in the life of our Parish. If you are a new member of our parish, or are considering membership, these web pages will acquaint you with what our parish offers to those who give it support and sustenance. To those who already belong to the church, we hope they will provide you with the assurance that your sacrificial offerings are received with profound respect, and are utilized to maximum effectiveness. They will, in any case, enable you to make the informed decisions that are necessary for a meaningful relationship with your church.

What is a Parish Council?

The Parish Council is the elected, governing body of the parish that attends to the welfare, mission, and vision of the parish. A Parish Council serves many of the functions served by boards of directors or trustees at other non-profit organizations. While our Parish Council is responsible for the sound, safe, and effective financial management of the church, such as paying normal recurring expenses, facilities maintenance and upgrades, most important is that the Parish Council reflects the future vision and goals for our church and our community. Our parish priest, as spiritual leader, works together with and supports the Parish Council to accomplish this. There is no such thing as "the Priest runs the church and the Parish Council runs everything else". Both work syergistically to move the parish forward while being attentive to the needs of our community as the Body of Christ.

Nine people serve on our Parish Council here at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church. Each Fall and Spring we hold our General Assembly meetings to update the entire parish on what has been accomplished and where we plan on going. At the Fall General Assembly we elect new Council members to begin serving a two-year term. Typically, one half of the Council will be finishing their terms on any given year. This ensures that there are fresh voices and new energy every year. All members in good standing with our parish vote for who will be on the Council. The Council then, in turn, votes for the Executive Board, that is the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

Our Parish Council meets on the first Monday night of every month. The meetings start at 7:00 p.m, and any member of the congregation is welcome to attend. However, there may be a rare occurrence that the Council chooses to conduct a “closed” or private meeting. This is done at the discretion of the Council. The minutes of each Parish Council meeting are available below.

The rules of governance of our church were established by the Archdiocese Uniform Code of Parish Regulations (UPR), and also by our Parish By-Laws, which are similar to a constitution. Both are available for viewing and can be downloaded below.

Church Administration

Parish Council Guidelines

Annunciation GOC Bylaws

2019 Parish Council

Executive Board

  • President:
    Demetrios Stathopoulos

  • Vice President:
    Alexia Georgiou

  • Secretary:
    Helen Eisenberg

  • Treasurer:
    Eric Vangellow

  • Assistant Treasurer: Demitri Kolokouris

Parish Council Members

  • Kathy Markakis

  • Alan Makovsky

  • Peggy Votsis

  • Michael Naselaris

latest Minutes can be found here!