Annunciation Choir

The choir is open to any parishioner who enjoys singing and finds fulfillment in praising our Lord through song. A trained voice is not necessary, but a pleasant voice on pitch is a joy and an asset. Willingness and commitment to sing on a regular basis is greatly appreciated. A small choir of approximately 12-15 voices sing the hymns of the Dr. Frank Desby and also Anna Gerotheou Gallos. Liturgies include selections from our National Forum of Greek Orthodox MusiciansStan and Nanci Takis' music and the AgesInitiative.


The Chanters participate in all of the church services including Sunday Orthros and Liturgy, and weekday Liturgies. The chanters also support special services of the Church such as baptism, weddings, memorials and Trisagion services. There are many other services not mentioned in which the chanters participate. as well.

The Chanters make a conscious effort to strike a balance between the Greek and English languages in the service music. This balance is to preserve Christian theology, as can be most completely understood in the Greek language, and to increase congregational understanding, by using vernacular English language translations.