Adult Education Begins!

OK, it’s time for us adults to start learning!

Our Religious Education offers two opportunities for learning:

2. Weekly Traditional Bible Study of Scripture such as the Gospels, Book of Acts, etc. Weekly from 10:30-12am starting Monday November 19th.

After polling the attendees we will be reviewing the tenants of our Orthodox faith using the Orthodox Catechism on our church web site. We are currently working on module S1 so review that and join us on Monday mornings.

2. Topical discussion on how to apply our Orthodox faith to contemporary topics. This will be held bi-monthly from 6:30-8pm. Our first class started Wednesday December 5th. The next session is Jan 2nd.

These evening sessions will focus more on developing our ability to communicate Orthodox principles to real life situations. Each topic will last 8 sessions and will be held the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. We’ll begin this first series by exploring the question of “Which is the right religion?”