Our Building Plan

Our forefathers sacrificed so much to give us what we have—a beautiful church on East Avenue. What will we give the next generation?


  • Catenary Construction is now on site working on the steps (11/3/15)

Our Vision

As we draw nearer to the celebration of our beloved parish’s 100th Year Anniversary, we find our buildings and grounds in much of needed repair and upkeep. Our existing church was built in 1957 by our dedicated parishioners who overcame great barriers and sacrificed to build our Church as it exists today.

Now we, as the present generation, must show our same devotion and make similar sacrifices to our Church and continue to take care of our existing facilities to meet the changing needs of our community.

In continuation of the work and sacrifice of our forefathers, and in response to the current needs of our parish, we propose to embark on various revitalization projects that would be completed in three phases as outlined below:

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Proposed Projects Phase I, II, and III

Phase I
Immediate Projects

Phase II
1-3 Years

  • Community Hall Windows
  • Toilet upgrades - Church building
  • Resurface parking lot
  • Increase drop-off lane width at South entry
  • Flagpole repair and exterior lights
  • Masonry repairs - Church building
  • Masonry repairs - Community Hall building
  • Roof Replacement - Community Hall
  • Roof Replacement - Church building
  • Asbestos testing and abatement - roof

Phase III
Beautification Projects (3-5 Years)

  • Community Hall improvements
  • North Canopy
  • Church Flooring
  • Exterior Mosaic Infill
  • Church Lighting
  • Site/Landscape
  • Central Dome
  • Interior Transepts

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Building
Capital Campaign Pledge

You are asked to contribute toward this special building capital campaign, separate from stewardship. 

Only you can measure the abundance of blessings you have received and are able to return in time, talent and treasure for God’s work as we unite to continue the mission of our Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church.  Our church is seeking for contributions of equal sacrifice, not equal amounts! 

Although the cost to complete Phase I, II and III projects is estimated at $2.5 million, the Parish Council has set an ambitious goal of raising $3 million dollars within 5 years.

Donate Today

We have an agressive plan to renovate and update our facility, but we need your help. Please consider making a donation today. You can make a one-time donation, or you can make a recurring donation online right now by using our PayPal donation link below.


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